Staten Island ❤️

When I was young girl I use to live in Staten Island, New York up until June 29,2000; where I had moved to central New Jersey !  I had a lot of friends there, but I made newer ones in New Jersey!  Fourteen years later, I meet this guy through a friend at a hookah bar. And, let’s call this guy ”  Staten Island” I meet him and something about him was so soothing and wanted me to keep coming for me! He knew when you were hurt, sad, happy, crying, & etc. He just held me  close to him and would whipe your tears from your eyes!  He was my safest place and someone I always looked to hold me after a rough day! Not only that, his hugs, smile, and everything about him gave me the courage to drive over the bridge to see him!  Till today, everytime I go over the bridge he is the one I picture.  I want him to know how much I love him and how much of an impact he has on me ! 

I love you “staten Island”🐧💜💞  and thank you ! 

Shawty 💜


Deep thought again… 

Last year I meet kitty and her family! I was talking to her brother online for months on end. And, I finally grew the courage to say let’s hang out and meet! I went to there house and drove over the bridge for him! Once I got there kitty brother wasn’t home so me and her bonded! I knew we were going to be inseparable and the best of friends! Then kitty brother came home I didn’t know how to react she pushed me and said, ” shawty, give him a hug hello”. I did and looked into his eyes and I saw the same sensitive, passionate, and warmth I saw and felt when I was hanging out with kitty! Over the course of the we’ve all been through a lot! But I can honestly say kitty and her brother are two of my best friends! I love them both!  Kitty and I still talk everyday and I still talk to her brother ! Don’t let them or me get hurt anymore ! Send them love and god to look after us !

I love you kitty ❤️ and brother ❤️

Shawty ❤️

Weekend Edition – Resurrecting Your Love Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

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Resurrecting Your Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am not a big fan of this, one of the most awkward in our vast panoply of overwrought and over-commercialized holidays, but I am all for Love in all its glorious manifestations. I am a fan of swoon-worthy romantic love and the binding ties of familial love and the supportive, unconditional love of good friends and the unspoken, almost magical love between humans and their animal companions. I am also a fan of love in the more abstract, do-what-you-love-love-what-you-do sense.

But, that’s often a tragic love story, isn’t it?

Because, too often, we don’t do what we love. We do everything else first, and the thing we love to do gets pushed further and further down The List until its presence in our life feels like a sad, little ghost.

When I was a kid, I spent my days reading…

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Ackward 😂

You go through everything you had stored away for many years. Somehow once you open it up you see what’s in there and you see what you once hid to get away from it all; however, it proposes a bunch of questions. You don’t even know what emotion to feel, but something’s make you angry, feel dirty, and or the absolute worst. But, you have to remember the traumatic experience you had encountered and or gone to court for. You sit there ask yourself ,” is it worth it all in the end and who are you hurting “.  Just remember it’s a small world and you never know who you going to run into that’s knows someone! “Don’t burn any bridges”! 

Shorti ❤️

1, 2, 3, and etc

In life you go through many partners in life! You test it out for a while and see if you like it or not! I personally believe you are entitled to have more than one sex partner so you can have the exposure of different kinds and which makes you come up with your own!  It’s all about the learning process!  But, I believe there is always one person out there for everyone that they call true love and your love of your life !  Until then, just wait patiently and counting down the minutes, seconds, days, and months. It doesn’t matter how many partners that in bed, but when you say “I do” you’re number one and the only one that truly matters ! Just stay true and pure to yourself ! 

Shawty ❤️

Hiding your true self

Have you ever had to hide the person you truly are cause your either scared on what others will think or they just always got something bad about it?? Well i have. I had to hide who i was for years because i was scared of judgement. But then i learned to nor give a dam on what others think about me…. Until now…. Before i explain what happened lemme just tell you the beginning of the story. My sister and I are very close and when we are together, either alone, around family or in public, we always love to have fun, act stupid and laugh. So today after i got off work my sister and i was being our normal selves, laughing, making jokes, etc… Then my mom had the nerve to say that she thinks my sister and i are on drugs??? Now that dont make sense because my mom knows how we are together… Mabye its because my 2 aunts,my moms sisters, came down to where i live now and is just trying to make us look bad? I dont know but its painful. I wanna break down ’cause now i feel like i gotta hide who i am now infront of my family… Once again…. Talk about going back to the past right. 😰:'(      -Kitty😺

I don’t know what to do…

I don’t know what to do anymore! I’ve tried to let you in on my life, but it was taken away in seconds. I don’t think I could trust, love, or being in someone’s arms again! You gave me a lot to think about and believe, but now time is different. I no longer want you or anything to do with you!

Fuck off!