Deadline …..

You sit there and wonder what life would be like. I feel like I have to ALWAYS hide everything from everyone! Why are you all up in my space. You don’t need to search my room like it’s some scavenger hunt. I’m getting tired of people in my business. I just want to break away from it all.  Let me just wall away as if I don’t know you! I’ll claim my shit on my own. Don’t you worry about me! Your always saying stuff like,” why don’t you ever go out and people your age go out and have friends”. Your alwAys home! I’m tired of all your shit! You piss me off to the max and I just want to run and never come back! You tell me I need to get out by June 1. If I go I won’t ever look back.  I’ll do my own thing and I’ll be my responsibility! Deadline is starting to be my countdown 


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